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897FM TURNS 15!!!

89.7FM turns 15 on November 16 2016. It’s been a fun ride for the last 15 years, through the early days at the Wanneroo Works Depot studio from 2001-2008 and our current location at ECU Joondalup.

We’ve birthed many a career, including Ross Edwards from the top rating Mix 94.5 Lunch Time Program, Ciaran Lyons, a presenter on JJJ overnights, Terry Siva on Radiowest Albany and many other names over the years to progress to great heights by getting their start at 89.7FM (or Twin Cities FM in the early days).

There are very few remaining of that “Class of 2001”. Among them is Gavin Crossley, who himself had some time in commercial radio and hosted our 15th Birthday Program on November 16th. Other original members still on-air are Bill Crowe, Duncan Smith, Joe Marchello, Chris Webb, Simon Malloy and Derek Cromb.

We would also like to acknowledge the effort of all of our volunteers over the years, especially Sandra Woodings, Michael Henderson, Ben Connors, Irene & Colin Radalj, Michael Stokes and many others of the last 15 years.

We will continue to be your voice for your community. We are always looking for new volunteers for radio shows, producers of those programs and anyone willing to help our organisation in any way they can. We are very proud of everyone for their efforts since 2001 and of course people like Brad Cecins, Phil Jamieson and Paul Gadenne who got the ball rolling back in the 90s.

Finally, we thank you, the listener and our sponsors and the Cities of Wanneroo & Joondalup for their support over the years for keeping us on-air. Cheers to you and hears another 15 or more years being your Sound of the North.


All the volunteers of 89.7FM

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