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ECU Breakfast from Mt.Lawley

Our Programming Coordinator, Gavin Crossley (BRL & Brahtown) was invited to take a tour of the Mt.Lawley Studios where you hear ECU Breakfast from Fridays from 8am. He describes his time there for 897fm.com.au.

The ECU Breakfast show has been running for several years now from our sister studio at ECU Mt.Lawley Campus. I’d never had a chance to visit their facility until last week. Andrea Burns their Acting Head of the Post-Graduate Broadcasting Course, invited me down to speak with the students about the station and radio in general. If anything i’m experienced (16 years on-air, a bunch of those with 89.7) so maybe I had something to offer.

I threw on my best/only sport coat and drove down to see the studio at Mt.Lawley. I was greeted by a friendly group of 18-20 somethings, which is a stark contrast to some place i’ve worked over the journey, so I knew I was welcome for the hour I was there. The one thing I noticed, was the passion and joy in their work, something which I haven’t seen that level in myself or professional presenters in years. It was refreshing.

That passion shows on the program when it airs on Friday mornings. These guys aren’t paid (like all of us on 89.7fm) but a lot of them will end up receiving their hard earned from radio broadcasting, the talent is there for all to see. It took me personally back to the early days of our station in Wanneroo Depot and the excitement that went into everyone’s programs in those early years. A wonderful time for me and seeing that unfold in a Q&A was heartwarming. These guys love radio.

We sat down in a small lecture hall/studio and Andrea and I spoke about 89.7fm, my career and how to improve their show, they had a bunch of questions from the floor. All of the questions were good questions, a sign of engagement and intelligence. I also enjoyed holding court for an hour, but i’m a former pro “jock” so I’m an attention seeker, but aren’t all radio presenters?

The Mt.Lawley campus are also building a 1 million dollar studio just over the corridor and will launch that studio early 2018 for their Broadcasting Class all while they run an online station out of that facility as well. I can’t wait to get the tour when it’s complete and they will be hosting the ECU Breakfast show from that new studio.

In summary, this visit gave me a lot of faith that, when this group graduate; they will find roles in the industry and continue to make radio a better place. We thank them for their program weekly (during University Semesters) Friday Morning from 8 -10am on 89.7fm. Tune in and hear the joy.

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