Greenwood College Outside Broadcast August 16 2017

Movers & Shakers (Wednesdays from Midday) host a weekly program run by students of schools named “School of Thought” (2pm Wedensdays). A show ran, presented and written by students of their respective schools.

On the 16th of August 2017, Greenwood College hosted an entire 3 hour program from their school! John Logan and our tech team ran the show behind the scenes and the kids took center stage, not only hosting the show capably; but carrying a full three hour broadcast with topics, interviews and content beyond expectations.

We thank the students, teachers and administrators of Greenwood College for hosting this program and this was the third of it’s kind in 897fm history. We will be putting more of these to air in 2018.

Photos by Blair Law

Written by Gavin Crossley

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