Heavy Wax from the Gold Coast

New Music to 89.7fm 25/04/2022

Western Australian Music – NEW!


South Summit –  Tired of Waiting (Australian)

Spacey Jane – It’s Been A Long Day (Australian)

Megan Albany and Marc Mittag – Clean House (Australian)

Passionfruit – Roundabout (Australian)

Harlequins – This One’s Gonna Hurt (Australian)


Amber Farnan –  The Hollow (Australian)

Aodhan – Empty Spaces (Australian)

Day NEW:

Heavy Wax – Hey Baby (Australian)

Hunter 505 – Heart Attack (Australian)

Maia Toakley – Paralysed (Australian)

Yazmindi – Talk (Australian)

Hayley Marsten – I’m Fine, Thanks (Australian)

Nightshift NEW:

Onait & Riiser – Anything With You (Australian)

Citadel – Sundered Souls (Australian)

Australian/AMRAP/Overnights NEW:

Batts – Blue (Australian)

Library Siesta – I Wouldn’t Mind (Australian)

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