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Shades of Punk Expands Its Musical Horizons

We’re excited to announce that ‘Shades of Punk with Don Rowe’, is broadening its horizons! As the punk scene continues to evolve, so does our programming. We’ve updated the show description to better reflect the diverse and ever-expanding universe of punk music that Don is excited to share with you.

The punk scene of the mid-late 70’s burned short, but bright, and from it spawned a near boundless diversification of sub-genres, fusions and revivals.

Shades of Punk is all about discovering new music that sounds like the punk influenced bands you grew up with and find the contemporaries that were missed along the way. There’s also plenty of room for old favourites.

Don has spent over a year collecting music to broaden your punk palette, from Blink 182 to Beartooth, Green Day to Goldfinger, and Screeching Weasel to Sly Withers, you’ll find them all here. Stay up to date and follow Shades of Punk on Facebook:

Whether you’re revisiting old favourites or exploring missed contemporaries, there’s something for every punk enthusiast.

Don’t miss out on your Punk fix. Make sure to tune in from 8-10pm each and every Thursday.

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