Another Successful OB from Joondalup Library

We know it’s always going to be a great morning when we are invited to broadcast live from the City of Joondalup’s library, great friends and sponsors of 897FM.

The of 5th August outdoor broadcast proved to be another successful morning with loads of guests including MP’s Liz Bejhat and Jan Norberger, our local law enforcement, Det Sgt Tom Cogan from the NWMD also  James Brown from local book store Dymocks with another great recommendation of good books to read. And not to forget my guest artists The Healy’s and Ari Davies, both local talent and were awesome on the day!

Huge thanks to all my guests for being a part of 897FM and the Wednesday morning show, special thanks to Lynley Stapleton from the COJ library.

And finally we couldn’t do this without my Producer and Co Producer, Nina Henderson and David Apps and special thanks to Rob and Karl for setting this all up, what a brilliant job by the men!
Tune in to the Sue Myc Morning show every Wednesday morning and stay tuned in to find out when our next Outside Broadcast will occur!

Sue Myc


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