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89 7FM Boosts Cultural Diversity

Thanks to support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF), we’re enriching our programming with a wide array of voices from all walks of life.

It is envisaged that every month, you’ll catch interviews hosted by members of our vibrant local communities embedded within our existing programs. This means that alongside the tracks and topics you already know and love, you’ll also be hearing more voices and perspectives from the Italian, Maori, and Vietnamese communities, among others.

This move will deepen our connection with all community members and ensure that our programming reflects the rich diversity of our audience. By integrating these voices into the shows you already tune into, we’re aiming to create a more interesting and inclusive listening experience for everyone.

Stay tuned for more information about these exciting segments, and thanks for being part of our community.

Remember you can always get involved by texting in your music requests to 0418 897 897. 

Find out more about our current programming by using our Program Guide on the top menu, or clicking here:

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