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Saturday Program Guide

8.00am – 11.00am (Weekly)

Talking Sport with Clive, Max and the Boys


Each and every Saturday morning between 8am and 11am, the crew get together to run through the world of sport.

From what’s happening on the local front, to State, National and overseas coverage, the team put their unique spin on things, all in the name of being informative and entertaining.

Talking Sport, the solutions to all your sporting problems in one place!


11.00am – 1.00pm (Weekly)

Live with UT Ultimate Trowa with Ugyen


A special program for the Bhutanese members of our community.

Music in Bhutan is a way to visualise life and instigate profound memories making it an intrinsic part of gatherings and festivals.

Presented in traditional language, Join Ugyen as he plays great music as well as providing cultural insights, news and event information.

Ugyen also has a number of interesting on-air interviews and special guests from the Bhutanese community within Perth.

1.00pm – 3.00pm (Weekly)

The Latin Studio with Karito


From the Samba to vibrant Salsa, Latin music is energetic and diverse in its origins.

Tune in to Karito each Saturday as she takes you on a journey through the genre and its variants, sharing the essence of Latin culture through Latin music.

A culturally enriching program, playing tracks which explore the history of Latin music, through to today’s most influential artists. The perfect program to dance to the Latin music beat!


3.00pm – 5.00pm (Weekly)

Saturday Afternoons with Robyn McClure-Holmes


Join Robyn for two hours of pure listening pleasure as she spins musical tunes that you won’t hear on commercial radio, from across all the decades to the present time.

Covering blues, R&R, R&B, country-rock, Americana, folk, singer-songwriters, song and groove men and women, you name it she plays it. If you’re into head banging stuff, this is not the show for you.

Each and every Saturday, be sure to tell your friends about it!

5.00pm – 6.00pm (Weekly)

The DeVille Hour with Robyn McClure-Holmes


Tune in and join fans from all around the world, for the lovefest that has become the DeVille Hour.

See what all the fuss is about as Robyn helps to keep the spirit of Willy DeVille alive, by playing the music of one artist only, the late, great, charismatic cult figure, Willy DeVille and his amazing Mink DeVille bands, from across his 31-year career, till his passing in 2008.

His music is still touching hearts and making fans today.

6.00pm – 9.00pm (Weekly)

Disco Inferno with Stephen Herbert


Dust off the flares, spin the disco ball and settle in for your Saturday night of disco with Stephen Herbert each week as he plays all your favourite disco, boogie, soul, funk and jazz fusion tracks to get you movin and groovin.

Together with the best music in town, Stephen showcases his extensive music knowledge by providing interesting artist facts and track information.

Disco Inferno, no better way to burn the night away!


9.00pm – 12.00am (Weekly)

Joining the Dots with Stefan Thomas


Do you like an eclectic mix of music?

Sit back and relax and let Stefan take you on his famous ride through the “music verse.”

From the distinctive, to the innovative, and obscure, Stefan provides a unique mix of music from a variety of genres, all presented in his informative and dynamic style with fun facts and artist information you will not hear anywhere else.

Join the Dots and go on the musical ride of your life!