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Why not consider sponsoring 89 7FM?

Being a sponsor at 89 7FM comes with a range of benefits, the main one being that you will secure on-air advertising for your business covering whatever sponsorship package you ultimately choose. The sponsorship is a great, cost-effective way of reaching a new customer base or reinforcing your brand to existing customers. 

All advertisements are professionally developed and produced using a range of voice-over artists to suit your individual business and the message you’re trying to convey. You can choose how often your advertisement plays, and what day and time. We offer a range of different sponsorship options including the classic 30-second radio spots, News break sponsorship, Outside Broadcasts plus HEAPS more!

Why Radio? 

RADIO IS TARGETED This gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reach people they are most interested in. It also reaches listeners at key times throughout the day – at school or at work. Radio listeners tend to do something else while they are listening, meaning they don’t feel the need to fast-forward the commercials like they do on TV.

RADIO DRIVES RESPONSE especially online. Recent research found that using radio boosted online browsing by 52%. This study also found that radio is on average 4 x more cost-effective at stimulating brand browsing than other media combined. 

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