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Carla Bonner interview on replay til 20 Oct

Lisa and Lou during “In Good Company” on Thursday 13 Oct, interviewed Actor, Speaker and Change Advocate Carla Bonner.  Carla, who is well known for her role in ‘Neighbours’ playing the role of Stephanie Scully, now spends her time educating women and teenagers on self-worth and empowerment.

Listen to the show episode replay via “Show Playback“. Keep scrolling down until you find it!

Carla Bonner

You may know her as ‘Stephanie Scully’, the rebellious biker chick with a loving heart, from Ramsey Street. A character and life experience on Neighbours, one of Australia’s best serial dramas on Australian & British Television, that Carla holds dear to her.

While acting fed her soul for 20 years, the exposure to an industry which can be brutal on your sense of self, not only opened her eyes to the damage that focusing on the ‘superficial’, can do to impressionable young women. It also brought her to her knees. While at times painful, Carla is incredibly grateful, as it is this journey that has led her here, to her most authentic and most fulfilling purpose.

Her segue from actress to soul nourisher has been a natural one. Carla is now focused on utilising her vast platform and skills to give people the space and tools, to redefine their self-worth and inner voice to work for you, and not against. Talking with us in the studio, Carla shared how she now works with people who feel a little overwhelmed, or lacking in their sense of self and purpose, on their journey to change their life. Empowering them with the self-worth and knowledge that, the most influential script we will ever hear, is the one we tell ourselves, about ourselves. Leading people to a life, and importantly self, that they truly love.

And while the thought of looking inward, attempting meditation may seem a little daunting! Carla talks about how, even the busiest of us working away at our careers, juggling a family, can take the first (very small) steps to make a start – even if just 2 minutes a day. It is possible!

You can find Carla on Instagram @carlabonner3 – where she is ever so happy to chat and potentially help you on your journey to feeling fulfilled and being more present, to genuinely embrace and feel the joy in your life. Carla provides 1:1 coaching, public & corporate speaking, training & workshops. And while currently tightly under wraps, Carla is also working on a new business venture and a book, all in the pipeline for an exciting 2023 so stay tuned…..

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