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Romeo Walker - The Shape up

New Music to 89 7FM

Western Australian Music


For King & Country – Relate Rehab Remix (Australian)

Dune Castle – Into The Forrest (Australian)

Chris Rose & Chelsea Berman – Things We Shouldn’t Do (Australian)


Jetty Road – Here We Go (Australian)

Friendless – Left 2 Right (Australian)

Day NEW:

Romeo Walker – The Shape Up – Transformer (Australian)

Romeo Walker – The Shape Up –  Kanguru (Australian)

Romeo Walker – The Shape Up – Bone Collector (Australian)

Vaughan Adams – Promo Golden God (Australian)

Michael David Thomas – What Should I Tell The Newborn Child (Australian)

Nightshift NEW:

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – AHHHH! (Australian)

Chillinit – Dreaming Of This Day (Australian)

Australian/AMRAP/Overnights NEW:

DiViNiUM – More Than I Already Am  (Australian)

Big Orange – Love’s Not Enough  (Australian)

Lo – Giver, Lover, Pet (Australian)

Brendan McMahon – Skin & Bone (Australian)

Dozzi – Thought I’d Be (Australian)

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