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New PUNK Show starting up every Thursday evening 8pm

For a while now you may have heard the sounds of our new presenter Don on a Monday 12-3pm. Don was using this time to train himself up for starting his own unique show. And here it is…..Shades of Punk! Starting 2 Feb.

Don is a life-long fan of post-punk (e.g. pop-punk, grunge, punk rock) and metal music, and loves discovering new or relatively unknown bands that have a similar sound aesthetic and sharing those with the people he knows.

This shows aims to explore all the different shades of the punk genre, and will incorporate a ‘feature album’ or an ‘artist bio’ featurette as part of the show. The essence of the show will be about educating listeners about the songs and artists they like – their professional journeys, insights from interviews, and songwriting influences/inspirations. 

With the main focus around pop-punk (~1995-present), he’ll play music in that genre and other sub-genres spawned from the punk scene of the mid 1970’s.  Genre divergence from pop-punk will include: grunge, emo, punk rock, ska-punk, and psychobilly, among others.  For example, Greenday, The Offspring, Blink 182, Sum 41, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, The Living End.

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