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One Step Beyond with Dave Elliot

Community has always meant a lot to Dave Elliot, so it is no surprise that he has combined that with his passion for music to be a part of 89 7FM. His show One Step Beyond with Dave Elliot supplies you with your weekly mix of the greatest Two Tone, Ska and British Indie Bands you probably haven’t heard yet.

Originally from St Hellens in Merseyside UK, Dave moved to Australia in 1987 and brought with him his love of British Indie bands. He is the Creative Director for Fuel Creative and is the Vice President of the Wanneroo City Football Club. He uses his skills in support of a number of charities, either as a sponsor, volunteer or graphic design support. Yet, Dave’s love of music has always been a strong part of who he is.

Over the years, Dave has had plenty of experience in radio commercials through his work with Advertising Agencies. It is time for him to sit on the opposite side.

Many people who know Dave would know about his interest in having his own show. Fortunately, Dave has mutual friends with Kim Harrison, who some of you may know from The Best of Oz with Kim Harrison. After a few encouraging words from Kim, Dave knew he had to turn his dream of his own radio show into a reality. When Dave learnt another good friend, Tony DSouza of The G.O.A.T.S with Tony Dsouza fame was a part of 89 7FM, the stars aligned and Dave knew he had found his path.

‘I have spent a lifetime listening to, and collecting vinyl, as well as continuously attending live gigs. There is rarely a time when music isn’t playing in one form or another. I have a close circle of friends who are local musicians and regularly attend live music events near and far. I have also been a subscriber for many years to a number of community radio stations in Perth,’ he says

Dave hopes to share his passion with others, encouraging them to see more live bands, support local groups and have a lot of fun along the way.

The inspiration for One Step Beyond with Dave Elliot stems from a lifetime of experience.

‘I had friends at school that were much older than me and they introduced me to many forms of music. I loved Ska and Two tone and the thought that there was a form of music that was to be enjoyed by all colours, races and communities. Two tone as in the name was a mix of black and white mixed together and playing music for the love of it. How can you not be inspired?’

We are excited for Dave to inspire us with his knowledge and exuberant take on Ska, two tone and English Indie Music. Tune in to 89 7FM on Wednesday nights from 8pm to 10pm to go One Step Beyond.

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