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Living Sculptures: How the Birds Got Their Colours

Awe-inspiring and site-specific, Living Sculptures: How the Birds Got Their Colours is a dynamic and captivating performance of First Nations dance, storytelling, and contemporary circus, culminating in a living, breathing work of art against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

Hear Aboriginal Elder Luther Cora’s interpretation of a simple story with a powerful message: while we may appear different, communicate differently, and have unique perspectives, at the core we share more in common than we have differences.

With the lovely warm weather, the beautiful park, the sunset, yummy coffee and a tasty bao food truck, don’t miss this FREE unique event and chance for the whole family to enjoy an evening filled with incredible entertainment and community spirit.

  • Wednesday 13 March: 9am, Central Park, Joondalup
  • Friday 15 March: 8am, Sorrento Beach
  • Saturday 16 March: 9am, Tom Simpson Park, Mullaloo
  • Tuesday 12 March: 6pm, Sir James McCusker Park, Iluka
  • Wednesday 13 March: 6pm, Central Park, Joondalup
  • Thursday 14 March: 6pm, Burns Beach Foreshore Park
  • Friday 15 March: 6pm, Sorrento Beach
  • Satursday 16 March: 6pm, Tom Simpson Park, Mullaloo

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